This plotter was created after I got bored of drawing messages on the walls using guns by hand.

A CPU (programmed using handwritten ZyeliosASM, an x86-based CPU made up for wiremod) contains a vectorized alphabet, and is in charge of taking a block of text provided to it, and generating coordinates to draw.

The CPU sends a coordinate, one-by-one, to an expression gate that moves the pen to the coordinates at a set speed, as well as whether the pen should be drawing or not.

The pen itself is mounted off a system of two hydraulics mounted at 90 degree angles to each other, and at the end of the hydraulics a gun is mounted.

The plotter, then, etches writings into the wall by firing a gun at it with high accuracy.

Here is a video of the plotter in action:

Download: plotter.asm.txt (Assembly source code for the ZyeliousCPU.)

Download: plotter-expgate.txt (source code for the expression gate)

Download: plotter-advdupe.txt (Advanced duplicator save of plotter device.)

Requires: Garry's Mod, PHX model pack, wiremod)

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