During one of the summer vacations of high school, lacking anything to do, I figured I would try and learn morse code. To help with learning it, I figured I would write a program that lets you mash the space bar to input morse code.

The timing code isn't perfect and if you change the rate you morse code at, it won't understand it at the new speed. But if you stay consistent, it has a fairly high accuracy in detecting your input.

The program uses ioctl calls specific to the Linux console, though, and would require some rewriting to work in any other environment. I had planned rewriting it in any of various other environments, but my interest in morse code waned after I realized I don't know anybody else who knows morse code, and even if I did, the only way we could really communicate was by making beeping noises over the phone.

Download: morseread-1.1.tar.gz (Linux console only; does not run under X)
To compile: make

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